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Animal Backer is a small group of animal lovers who wanted to use the power of retail to raise awareness and funding to support the plight of abused, neglected, and endangered animals everywhere.   
That's why we formed a social enterprise organization that seeks to raise awareness and charitable support for animal conservation and education efforts with our variety of animal-inspired accessories and apparel. 

Our mission is to be the most customer service-oriented and animal-nurturing retail social enterprise in the world. Our pledge is to funnel a % of the proceeds from every purchase you make towards the well-being of animals by donating to animal-centric 501(C)(3) charities.  
When you shop at Animal Backer, you can take pride in the knowledge that your product purchases are for a purpose.  
Join us and show the world how much you love and care for animals.  Stand up for these magnificent creatures.  Wear an Animal Backer.

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