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"Human rights don't equal animal wrongs".

We at Animal Backer exist to lend a paw those who can't speak up to defend themselves.  We support creatures of the land, air, and sea who are worthy of protection, care and support.  

We are not a charity, but are a small social enterprise organization that loves supporting animal-nurturing 501(C)(3) organizations that are!  We funnel up to 20% of product proceeds to worthy animal-centric charities that are nominated by our fans and customers.  (Keep 'em coming, folks!)  

Note:  It is ALWAYS best that you donate directly to animal charities yourselves!  We simply exist as a socially concious shopping option in the event that you're looking to buy beautiful animal-themed gear, knowing that a portion of your purchase helps save and nurture deserving animals.

Your purchases have helped us raise over $2,000 that we've donated to date, and growing!  If you'd like to nominate your organization to be a recipient of donated product proceeds or would like to see proof of donation receipts, simply send an email to   It makes us so happy to be blessed with the ability to donate product proceeds to so many worthy causes because of all of our Animal Backers.

Thanks for loving animals as much as we do!

Peace, love, and pack,
The Animal Backer team

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